Horrid Games Presents The Depths Of Depravity
We are just waiting on the delivery of our boxes before we can start shipping these out. As we do not want to take the piss, we will not accept any money from you until they are ready to send out.

If you live in Wellingborough, you don't have to pay any carriage either as we will deliver it in person.

Anyway, you can choose what you would like here:-

Main Kit
Main kit (100 black cards with 200 questions)
and 400 white cards
RRP £24

 Your Price
£ 12

Main Kit & Expansion
Main kit as above + 10 red dare cards, 10 yellow forfeit cards, 10 green bonus cards, 10 blue random cards, 40 white cards, 20 more (special) black cards which are used to tell you when to take a coloured card.
RRP £ 30

Your Price
£ 15

Delivery to address in Wellingborough will be FREE, delivery to mainland UK will be £3. We make nothing on carriage but at the intro prices above we cannot afford to give it for free.

Although there IS a waterproof plastic card version (printed on PVC EXACTLY the same size and thickness as a credit card), they are really aimed at pubs rather than home use - and although truly awesome are quite pricey.

The laminated card though is very water resistant and will last years with typical home use. We strongly urge you to go for the base kit AND the first expansion pack as it is the expansion pack which REALLY makes a difference.

The home expansion dares and forfeits are different from the pub (most homes don't have a bar and more homes don't have quite the same rules about being naughty as pubs do).

Shipping should start by the end of February!